Today, the moon is 16 days old.
Growing up, my mother frequently warned us about the effects of the notorious, full moon. With every approaching day, she would attest to its abilities to increase her appetite and escalate her neurosis. While I do not experience the same tribulation, the moon’s shape transfixes me. The gradual and expected shifts enhance the night sky, and provide an unexpected measure of time. This website brings this natural clock to a digital platform, changing layouts with every lunar phase.
The website provides something equally gradual and expected to anticipate.
Full Moon

The next phase begins on March 6.

The lunar phase is the shape of the illuminated (sunlit) portion of the moon as seen by an observer on Earth.

This website was designed by Nika Fisher and programmed by Dylan Fisher.
Venus by Bauer Type Foundry and Electra by William Addison Dwiggins. Both are available through linotype.

Pacific Sound House

Pacific Sound House was an audio studio based in Los Angeles. The founders, Evan Koga and Louis Stephens, approached us to create a home and library for their company and extensive sound library.

Nika Fisher wave-colors-four

We explored the idea of a wave, as it related to both sound waves and ocean waves as both were present in their name and logo. Delving into historical representations of waves in art, we created a theme used throughout the website. On the homepage, a wave pattern slowly moved in the background. Four color schemes were utilized, a different one each time you land on the page.

Clicking onto the library offered a special interaction.

Nika Fisher library - genre copy 2

We designed a player to hear their audio tracks. The player stayed fixed as you continued to go through their site.

Each song had its own detail page, allowing the team to add further information.

Nika Fisher 14_pacific-sound-house-song-page

Programming by Dylan Fisher